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Helen Keller


Providing education to professionals since 2007

On The Edge Group started as Medicine On The Edge (MOTE) in 2007.  It was a joint collaboration between International Medical Systems and Hogan Group International. While our activities were initially designed for medical professionals we have over the years been asked to consider expanding into other areas. So in 2015 we responded to these requests and took the very successful MOTE model and adapted it to meet the needs of the legal, dental and education communities. We remain a small but dynamic organisation that aims to combine high quality education and training with a range of stimulating adventure based activities. This is based on our belief that you learn best and perform better when both your mind and body are stimulated.

In March 2020 COVID-19 restrictions meant the cancellation of all of our upcoming trips. But now with travel restrictions easing around the world we are ready to relaunch and we look forward to having you join us for our unique combination of adventure, education, collaboration and collegiality.

Meet The Team

Geoff Ramin

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Geoff is currently the Chief Medical Officer of Allianz Worldwide Partners (Asia-Pacific region). He is also Medical Director for BHP. He has over 25 years of extensive clinical experience and knowledge  in specialist emergency medicine, intensive care, prehospital care, aviation medicine, aeromedical retrieval, wilderness and altitude medicine. Geoff has spent a lifetime pursuing adventure based activities and has still only scratched the surface of this wonderful planet.

Trish Hogan

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Trish has been in the health industry for over 40 years and has held positions in senior management in public and private health in South Australia, The Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland.

Her experience in the health industry spans hospital and community care administration, education and clinical practice. Trish is a “Doctor of the University” at Griffith University and is currently CEO of Subang Jaya Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Vanessa Hogan

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Vanessa is our administrative and marketing assistant at On the Edge Group. She is an admitted lawyer in Australia, and has spent the last half year living and working for OTEG remotely from Copenhagen, Denmark. Vanessa has a keen interest in photography and travel, and loves the outdoors - with a little luxury every now and again. 


Chris Hogan

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Chris is an accountant and strategic planner with more than 40 years experience in senior management in the higher education sector. He helps out with the MOTE accounts. Recently he has taken the opportunity to re-engage in his passion for art and works with children’s author and sister in law Verushka Krigovsky and daughter Samantha Hogan in illustrating children’s books as well as undertaking independent creative works.


Elizabeth Lanskey

Elizabeth is a General Practitioner in Wynnum, Brisbane. With over 30 years experience in General Practice Elizabeth ensures that our workshops and meetings are also able to meet the needs of practitioners within the primary health care space and are not just focussed on critical care services.The right mix of sessions at our meetings ensures vigorous debate and dialog between primary health care and critical care clinicians 


Georgina Ramin

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Georgina brings communication expertise to the On The Edge Group. A dual graduate in Media and Communications she is currently Communications Specialist (Defence) with Boeing, based in London, UK. She is a keen trekker and cyclist with a recently acquired passion for triathlon.

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