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We welcome all feedback positive or negative. If there are criticisms of our programs, please let us know as we feel it is very important that we learn from those comments and improve our future meetings.  If you wish to submit your feedback, you can email us HERE or go to our CONTACT US page. 


"Extremely enjoyable and challenging trip with a great chance to meet old and new colleagues. The lectures were high quality and useful. Highly recommended to exercise the mind and body."


"I attended the Inca Trail meeting, which I consider one of the best things I have done - and probably would not have done if not for the MOTE meeting I also previously attended in the Dolomites."


"A great way to combine education and adventure, with like-minded folk."


The trip seems ages ago now - straight back to work dims the images somewhat! I had a wonderful time - haven't ever been on an organised trip before and I was unsure as to how it would suit - all our previous trips overseas have been spontaneous, mostly just with another couple or ourselves, or associated with sporting competitions.


Needn't have been concerned - the experience was well worth everything, and indeed put me in contact with a colleague from thirty years ago in New Zealand! It was great to meet such neat people as there were in our small group - that is something I really preferred - the smaller number in the group as we were able to become more friendly and supportive of each other. The organisation of the actual trek by the African Walking Company was faultless - all our needs were met and  expectations surpassed - I felt like royalty at times!


I found the individual support of the guides comforting - they seemed to know just what to say and when to say it so as we experienced the moment to the full.I would recommend your expeditions to anyone - the education content was informative, interesting and well presented. I do indeed want to extend my experience to another trip with M.O.T.E. 


Many thanks


I really enjoyed the recent Arusha/Kilimanjaro trip - my first MOTE conference - thanks so much to you and Trish and your team. The planning phase for the conference was great - I appreciated all the information on what to expect and what to bring. The day by day itinerary for the climb up Kilimanjaro was particularly helpful -  I printed it out and took with me on the hike, as it was useful for writing up my diary each day.


The conference days at Moivaro Lodge had useful and interesting talks by knowledgeable speakers, although the detailed altitude physiology made my head spin - maybe smaller doses might have been better, or perhaps it could have been broken up with some interactive sessions, more like the ones we had on the hike. The conference days were not only good learning, but eating togetherwas a good way to get to know people on the trip.


The hike up Kilimanjaro was extremely well-organised - I was very impressed with the African Walking Company - organisation, staff, food, equipment all great. The guides were excellent - they were friendly and very observant - very good at judging when people needed help, and when to just let them get on with it.  I enjoyed the mix of people on the trip and some of my learning happened informally, just when chatting as we were hiking along.  When I got home, the conference inspired me to organise an interactive CME session for our doctors on being an event/ camp /expedition doctor, going over the various stages of planning and implementation, and sharing some of the things I had learnt. 




My experience with MOTE at the Inca Trail/Salcantay Pass conference was superb. I was impressed with the  education, the outstanding conference organization, and the level of professionalism given by our guides on the trail. Great care was given to assure a quality learning environment, worthwhile sightseeing endeavors, and a spirit of adventure along the way. I could not have planned a more memorable trip on my own.


Very highly recommended!


I had high expectations for my trip to Kilimanjaro with Medicine on the Edge and I was not disappointed. The trip was well organised. The conference was interesting and relevant. It can be risky to go on a camping trip with people you do not know, but the fact that we were all colleagues made the dynamics of the group very positive. The whole group made it to the top - a testament  to the excellent preparation and skill and knowledge of our guides.


Well done Medicine on the Edge!

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