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Image by Cédric Frixon

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The two main islands of Guadeloupe are Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, located in the Caribbean. Basse-Terre in the west is mountainous and covered with a dense tropical forest from north to south, where many rivers and waterfalls abound.

Of volcanic origin, its highest peak is the active volcano of Soufriere culminating at 1,467 m. There are also many beaches of black sand and red sand. Grande-Terre in the east is flat. The fresh water is brought from the island of Basse-Terre by pipes under the bridge crossing the Salt River which separates the two lands.

On a limestone substratum, it consists of a plain bordered by a mangrove swamp in the south-west, an irregular succession of hills called the Grands Fonds in the center, and an arid plateau serrated with rocky and wild coasts to the north. It is on the southern shore of the Great-Earth, dotted with white sand beaches sheltered from coral reefs, that are concentrated the major seaside resorts.


Pointe a Pitre

Pointe à Pitre is the economic capital of Guadeloupe. It is labeled "city of art and history" in 2002 and has some beautiful colonial mansions, old buildings and pretty wooden creole houses.

Saint Francois

Saint-François also attracts thanks to the many activities it offers. This multi-faceted town is more of an old fishing village. You can see boats dancing on the water, low houses and rustic wooden boxes located around the central square.

Its beaches are protected from the currents of the Atlantic by a coral reef.

Le Moule

Common located north-east of the island of Grande-Terre on the Atlantic coast, its activity is mainly agricultural and tourist. You can visit the Church of St. John the Baptist, a classified historical monument, the Damoiseau Distillery and the sugar factory of Gardel.

Sainte Rose

Sainte Rose is located north of Basse Terre. This commune is the second largest in Guadeloupe, behind Petit Bourg. Very welcoming and lively, the city of Sainte-Rose located north of the left wing of the butterfly offers visitors some of the most beautiful landscapes of Guadeloupe. Between sea, the great sea cul-de-sac dotted with numerous islets and mountains, Sainte-Rose presents an authentic and contrasting landscape.

Grande Terre

Grande Terre enjoys a much drier climate than Basse Terre. The vegetation is much less dense and more, the relief, meanwhile, is less rugged. Its coastline is composed of rocky coasts but also beaches of white sand protected by the lagoons.

Marie Galante

Marie-Galante is an island nicknamed "the island of a hundred mills" or "the big cake", which knows an agricultural activity of fishing and tourism. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago as well as breathtaking seabed.


Day 1 -  Pointe a Pitre - Saint Francois - Pointe a Pitre

Day 2 -  Pointe a Pitre - Saint Francois - Le Moule

Day 3 -  Pointe a Pitre - Saint Francois

Day 4 -  Sainte Rose - Mahaut

Day 5 -  Saint Francois

Day 6 -  Saint Francois - Grande Terre - Saint Francois

Day 7 -  Marie Galante

Day 8 -  Sainte Rose - Pointe a Pitre


Day 1 

Arrival in Pointe à Pitre airport & transfer. Your guide will welcome you in Pointe-à-Pitre airport and take you to your hotel in Saint François (Grande-Terre). Depending on the arrival time and your desires, a small stroll can be organized on a seaside road to Pointe des Chateaux. After a presentation of the team that will be looking after you and organizing your stay, a welcome drink will be offered.

Orientation & bike set-up at your hotel: Your local guides (French native & English speaking) will give you a brief talk on local cycling techniques. Expert in the region, you can ask them all the questions you have about the trip. Then they will help set up and adjust your bike so you feel comfortable riding for the whole week.

Day 2 

This is the day you first walk amid sugar cane fields and banana trees. We'll take the opportunity to visit the most famous rum distillery Grande Terre, the Damoiseau distillery, founded in the 19th century by Monsieur Raimbaud. Of course, a small tasting will be offered to the fans of rum and adventure!

Distance : 46km (28mi) or 82km (51mi)

Elevation: 290m or 580m

Day 3 

Today you head to the Chapelle de la Baie d'Olive and its olive green waters and the Porte d'Enfer, undoubtedly one of the most impressive and beautiful places of Guadeloupe. The afternoon will then be conducive to leisure and swimming on the many beaches of St. François.

Distance : 47km (29mi) or 85km (53mi)

Elevation: 340m or 660m


Day 4 

After a transfer by van to Sainte-Rose north of Basse-Terre, you will walk along the beautiful coastline and numerous sandy beaches to Mahaut. If you feel like it, take on one of the most difficult climbs of the island, the col des Mamelles, a strategic climb of the Tour of Guadeloupe. Back in Mahaut for lunch at the seaside with the group, we offer the discovery of the Cousteau Reserve by boat. This tour allows you to explore the beautiful underwater world of this natural reserve and even enjoy a swim in its warm, clear waters!

Distance : Departure from Deshaies: 45km (28mi) or departure from Ste Rose: 72km (45mi) or 90km (55mi)

Elevation: 1200m or 1600m or 2400m

Day 5 

Make the most of this day to rest and recover from your efforts. You can also stroll through the streets of Saint François to purchase souvenirs and discover the many local specialties. For the more motivated a morning ride will be available to the Pointe des Chateaux on the road along the sea

Distance : 40km (25mi)

Elevation: 220m

Day 6 

Probably the least touristy area of Guadeloupe, the Grands Fonds nevertheless deserves we pay it special attention. The Grand-Fonds is a spectacular set of landforms, unique in the world along with the Dolomites in Northern Italy and Vietnam. You will love the variety of landscapes in this ride! 2 cycling options are offered with 2 loops north of the Great Earth, beautiful cliffs and very pretty scenery - paradise!

Options: 62km or 100km.

Distance : Departure from Palais Sainte Marguerite: 62km (38mi) or departure from St François: 64km (40mi) or 100km (62mi).

Elevation: 460m or 510m or 750m

Day 7

This is the last day of your stay but certainly the most beautiful! You will take the boat to Saint Louis, the main city of the beautiful island of Marie-Galante. On quiet roads you will discover its white sand beaches which are among the finest in the Caribbean! You cannot leave without tasting a glass of rum from Marie-Galante, who it said, gathers the best rums in the world!

Distance : 48km (30mi) or 89km (55mi)

Elevation: 560m or 1150m

Day 8 



SCOTT ROAD BIKE ADDICT 20 (Standard) (or equivalent)

Yours from day 1 ( Sunday Feb 14, 2021 ) to day 8 ( Sunday Feb 21, 2021 ) 

The SCOTT ROAD BIKE ADDICT 20 (Standard) (or equivalent)

features an ultra light carbon frame with comfort carbon fork and compact geometry - as a result, these bikes are very responsive and comfortable. These series will fit riders from 1m50 to 1m93 (5’1”ft to 6’4”ft).

We have all sizes for you : XXS (47), XS(49), S(52), M(54), L(56), XL(58), 2XL(61)


Included with your bike:

•    Saddle bag

•    Toolkit

•    Tire levers

•    Patch kit

•    2 spare tubes

•    1 hand pump.

•    Rear pannier

•    Helmet

•    Odometer

•    Lock

•    2 souvenir water bottles

•    Pedals (flat or cages on request). You can bring your own pedals to clip in

Of course you may choose to bring your own bike if preferred.


The above is a guide to the trip we are planning. Minor changes may occur prior to registration opening. We anticipate running this trip in 2013 - exact dates yet TBA. Contact us if you have any other questions

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